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Known Issues

This table provides an explanation of each known issue that the REF team are aware of within the submission system, and indicates when we will look to resolve the issue or provides a work-around.

The Job Queue located within Administration often takes a long time to display. Occasionally, navigating to it causes the submission system to display an error message making it inaccessible to users. A work around is to re-attempt to access the job queue after a period of time, sometimes this will allow it to be successfully displayed. The development team are looking in to this issue. 
If a user leaves the submission system inactive for more than 30 minutes with a link to download a file on the screen, then they follow the link, they will be prompted to log in again.  On logging in, the file will be downloaded but the user will remain on the login page and the user will not be able to get back to the download page. This can be worked-around by closing the browser then reopening it and starting again with a fresh login.
In normal use, locks are in place so that two users cannot edit the same record at the same time. However, when copying bulk CrossRef results this lock is not in place. (added June 2013)  Users should be aware of this when copying CrossRef results and ensure no other users are in the system.