PCE Pilot expressions of interest – what we want you to tell us

The online form for HEIs to submit expressions of interest to the pilot is very straightforward to complete. It asks the following :

  • Please select the organisation you are representing
  • About you (first name, last name and email address)
    • Please note that the contact details you provide will be used to inform you if your organisation is selected to participate. The contact details should be for the individual who will have overall responsibility for managing the organisation’s participation in the REF PCE pilot exercise.
  • UoA participation
    • Please indicate all Units of Assessment (UoAs) in which you would potentially be able to participate. We understand there is a limit to the workload that HEIs are able to deliver for the pilot exercise, but also need to ensure an even distribution of submissions across the pilot UoAs. If you are selected to be included in the pilot exercise, we will contact you to discuss which UoAs we would like you to produce submissions for.
      • Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy (UoA 3) Yes/No
      • Biological Sciences (UoA 5) Yes/No
      • Earth Systems and Environmental Science (UoA 7) Yes/No
      • Computer Science and Informatics (UoA 11) Yes/No
      • Business and Management Studies (UoA 17) Yes/No
      • Social Work and Social Policy (UoA 20) Yes/No
      • History (UoA 28) Yes/No
      • Music, Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies (UoA33) Yes/No
  • Confirmation that you have the authority to put your organisation forward